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Why Businesses and NGO's get on The App


Businesses that register in the app are sponsors. The cost to register is a qualified charitable donation for your business. Businesses that desire to be on the app can download the app and then add a listing to the app under the categories that best describe the services they offer. These listings can generate leads for future business.

Sponsorship supports the operations of the app when major events strike. Nonprofit organizations use the app to connect to survivors and operate rescue and relief efforts at no cost to them. Significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of the overall response.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors have an opportunity to get business from the app users. Once an app user selects a specific business listing on the app, they generate a set of communications to the sponsor of that listing.

"D911 Registered Badge"

Get Recognized as a Credible and Reliable Provider

Fraud is a big concern for any home or business owner when an unexpected disaster occurs. As a Registered Responder with D911, you will receive a responder number and the right to display and use the D911 Registered Decal in any of your business marketing materials, on your vehicles, and on digital assets like your website.

There is a fee for this status that covers the cost of a third-party background check to be sure you are up to date with your corporate filings, liability insurance, professional licenses, or other official credentials that are required by your business type.


Nonprofit Organization Benefits

Nonprofits have free access to the app during significant disaster events. As an NPO, you can list under any NPO-designated category. Listing address of PODs, services that can be provided on-site, and immediate response assistance as well.


Government and EMAs can use the app to connect to services as well. With the D911 Disaster Response Mobil App EMs can know who has a tractor or a boat that can assist public safety operators when significant events have a widespread impact. The ability to tap into and manage the local volunteer responders can make a difference in individual outcomes in your community.

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