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When a business lists its menu of services on the D911 Mobile App they are considered a sponsor of the app. People in need of the sponsor's services can connect directly to them via the app in a matter of seconds.

Companies that wish to become a sponsor can download the app and post their listing at will.


D911 Inc benefits from the contributions provided through sponsorships. The D911 Disaster response mobile app works like other referral and delivery apps except:

  • You only contribute the flat annual fee or monthly membership.

  • Once listed, you can generate an unlimited number of leads


The sponsorship fee covers a one-year period. D911 hopes you connect to many future customers via the app.


Your business will benefit from sponsoring the D911 mobile app in many additional ways. 

  1. Brand Awareness: Sponsoring the D911 disaster response app will increase brand awareness, as users of the app will become familiar with the business and its services.

  2. Community Outreach: Sponsoring the D911 disaster response app demonstrates a company's commitment to the community, which can help to establish a positive reputation and build customer loyalty.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Sponsoring the D911 disaster response app will provide opportunities to network with other businesses and organizations, potentially leading to new partnerships and collaborations.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Sponsoring the D911 disaster response app does provide a competitive advantage by demonstrating a company's innovation and commitment to disaster response and recovery.

  5. Increased Sales: By being part of a disaster response app, a business can reach new customers and increase sales, particularly in the aftermath of a disaster when people are in need of services such as cleanup and restoration.

Overall, sponsoring The D911 disaster response mobile app is a great business move that will provide significant benefits to any business, including increased brand awareness, community outreach, and opportunities for growth and expansion.

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