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The Backbone Of The Response

Welcome, non-profit organizations! We understand the importance of being able to provide aid to those who need it most during times of crisis. That's why we're excited to introduce you to the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App.

D911 Inc. is a 501c3 non profit 85-1597558

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Being Connected 
Being Empowered

The D911 Disaster App is designed to help non-profit organizations like yours connect with people in disaster zones who require your services. By leveraging the power of technology, the D911 Disaster App makes it easier for you to locate and provide relief and aid to those who need it most. 

With the app, you can...


Connect with Those in Need:

The app provides a platform for non-profit organizations to get connected with people who require their services in a disaster zone. This ensures that your aid efforts are targeted and efficient and that you're able to provide help where it's needed most.

Set up a Relief Delivery Service:

With our app, non-profit organizations can set up a relief delivery service. This allows volunteers to drive supplies wherever they're requested, ensuring that aid is delivered quickly and efficiently to those in need.

Supply Line Requests:

The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App also allows non-profit organizations to request supplies from volunteers, who can then track their position as they make their way to the disaster zone. This ensures that your organization has the supplies it needs to provide aid effectively.

Leverage Technology for Better Aid:

By using the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App, non-profit organizations can leverage technology to improve their response plans. This means that people in need can use the same methods they use every day to get things, to get the help they require after a disaster.

Low or no-Cost Solution:

Our app is a low-cost solution for non-profit organizations looking to provide aid during a disaster. The maximum service access is only $199 per year, and you can have up to 50 dedicated responders. With such an affordable annual subscription fee, you can use our app to connect with people in need and provide essential aid.

Don't let a lack of technology hinder your organization's aid efforts during a disaster. Use the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App to get connected with people in need, set up a relief delivery service, and request supplies from volunteers. Contact us today to learn more about our app and how it can help your non-profit organization provide essential aid during a disaster.

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