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Get More Leads! How D911 Disaster App Sponsorships Benefit Independent Insurance Agents

As an independent insurance agent, you require new leads every day to hit your sales targets. Leads are not free, and many lead sources are expensive indeed. What if you could generate leads and have a significant impact on your community and customers when a disaster strikes? That is why the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App is designed to connect your insurance business with people who are underinsured for any type of disaster event.

The introductory cost is $99 for the first year and it is a

tax-deductible, charitable donation. Large ISO's get special pricing and benefits as an exclusive sponsor. ( learn more )

Becoming a sponsoring insurance sales organization on the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App is a winning strategy for several reasons:

The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App secures you a Relevant Target Audience. The D911 Disaster Response App is used by people who are concerned about disasters and emergencies. They want to be prepared, and part of good preparation is the right type and amount of insurance coverage. This makes them a relevant audience for insurance products. By sponsoring the app, you target potential customers who are already interested in disaster preparedness and recovery. This definitely includes insurance. (See Blog on Insurance Types for Disaster Preparedness)

When storms are forecasted, whether hurricanes, winter storms, fires, or thunderstorms, timely and contextual outreach creates an urgency to act on the vulnerabilities people may see in their insurance coverage. In the aftermath of a disaster, people are likely to be more concerned about their safety and financial security. Listing your insurance services on the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App helps you reach out to potential customers at a time when they are most in need of your services.

D911 is considered a subject matter expert on disaster preparedness and response coordination. News outlets commonly cover the activity of D911. This gives the app, and your business increased visibility. Listing on the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App can give your organization increased visibility and credibility. By associating your brand with the D911 platform provides real-time information during emergencies, helping you build trust with potential customers.

Competitive advantages are the real difference for a market as competitive as insurance. Your organization will gain a competitive advantage by sponsoring the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App. Insurance is a competitive industry, and having a listing on the D911 platform helps you stand out from the crowd.

Is it Cost-Effective? Sponsoring the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App is designed to be very low cost for a great return value. It is a cost-effective strategy. Compared to other forms of advertising, such as TV or radio, sponsoring a listing on the D911 app is dramtically more affordable and precisely targeted.

Your listing will help a lot more than your business. Being supportive of your community matters too. When you sponsor the D911 Disaster App you help fund the free services that are available from non-profits and volunteer organizations when a major disaster strikes. Listing on the app is free to non-profit disaster response organizations, government services, and volunteer groups.

Overall, listing your independent insurance sales organization on the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App is a winning strategy because it allows you to target a relevant audience, reach potential customers at the right time, increase visibility and credibility, gain a competitive advantage, and do so in a cost-effective manner.

Download the app, set up your account, and add your business today!

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