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SNOWPACOLYPSE Surviving A Deep Snow Event

By: Daniel Francis, CEO of D911 Inc.

As a veteran disaster responder, I understand the importance of being prepared for extreme weather conditions, especially when it comes to very deep snow and blizzards. These types of weather events can be hazardous and life-threatening, so it's crucial to know what to do to survive.

The first step in surviving very deep snow and blizzards is to stay informed about weather conditions. Make sure to keep up-to-date with weather reports and any warnings issued by local authorities. If a blizzard is forecasted, it's important to take it seriously and prepare accordingly.

When preparing for a blizzard, it's essential to have emergency supplies on hand, including food, water, medication, and warm clothing. You should also have a backup heating source, such as a generator or wood-burning stove, in case of power outages. The D911 Disaster App has a store inside, so you can get all of your essential shelf-stable foods and survival gear there. It is easy, and once you set up your D911 account, you are ready to connect if the worst-case scenario comes your way.

If you need to travel during a blizzard, have a fully charged cellphone and a charged portable battery pack with you in case of an emergency. Keep your gas tank full and let someone know where you're going and when you plan to arrive.

If you become stuck in your vehicle during a blizzard, it's important to stay with your vehicle and avoid overexertion. Run the engine and heater for short intervals to conserve fuel and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure to keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow to prevent dangerous fumes from entering the vehicle by clearing an area at least 36 inches x 36 inches to allow the exhaust space to vent away from your car.

If you're caught outside during a blizzard, seek shelter immediately. Look for a building, vehicle, or another sheltered area to protect yourself from the wind and snow. If you can't find shelter, create a snow shelter or trench to protect yourself from the elements.

In conclusion, surviving very deep snow and blizzards requires preparation, awareness, and caution. By staying connected to help with the D911 Disaster Response Moblie App, being informed, preparing emergency supplies, and knowing what to do in different situations, you can increase your chances of survival and stay safe during extreme weather events.

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