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Why use D911?

A Single Source Solution

The D911 Mobile App can be populated by any business group or non-profit that wants to be available to help during a disaster event. Hundreds of businesses can register on the app when a major event strikes. Businesses can also register as a sponsor on the app to help people with everyday disasters such as flood, water, fire, and smoke damage.

One Focus

D911 Inc is not a disaster responder, we do not supply any services directly. We are solely focused on making disaster response better through technology. We are not in conflict with any business, government, or organization that typically engages in disaster preparation, response, or recovery.

Having just one focus keeps the doors open to all types of businesses and organizations that can help during disasters of all types and sizes.

For Emergency Managers

The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App can be used to access immediate assistance by citizens that are experiencing impacts at their homes or business when disaster strikes. The D911 Mobile App has all the services in one place, a simple interface that is easy to navigate and it is free to use. Emergency Managers can also access services through the app. In addition, the app may provide:

  1. Emergency alerts and notifications

  2. Real-time updates on the disaster situation

  3. Map-based navigation to safe locations

  4. Disaster-related news and information

  5. Ability to report incidents and request help

  6. Connecting with local emergency response teams and volunteers

  7. Providing access to critical resources and information during and after a disaster

By having The D911 Disaster Response App, All citizens can quickly access the information and resources they need to stay safe and informed during an emergency.

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