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D911 Financials

The D911 mission is to leverage technology to improve outcomes after disastrous events of any type or scale and we are committed to being transparent and accountable in the management of our finances.

Benefits of supporting D911 Inc.

When you donate, sponsor a listing, or contribute in any way to D911 you make a difference for every person that has a disaster event happen in their life while giving each disaster response company, non profit, government agency and volunteer an opportunity to connect directly to the people they seek to help. It is all we do, connect the responders to the people that need them.


Some of us think of disasters as giant, catastrophic moments that are massively destructive. Though some disasters are of that scale of devastation and scope, most are not, Everyday disasters happen often, impacting lives across the United States. The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App connects individuals with the help they need across the array of local services that commonly serve people in need.

Budget and Expenses

Our organization operates on a budget that is developed annually and reviewed regularly to ensure that we are effectively utilizing our resources. Our expenses are primarily focused on the development, outreach, and operations around the D911 Disaster Response Mobile Application. The administrative burden on the funds raised is targeted at less than 30% of the gross income.

Revenue Sources


Our organization is funded through a combination of sources with the primary source in 2023 being sponsored listings in the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App, donations, and investments from corporate and individual sources.


The primary support for D911 will develop into a self-supporting model via sponsorships of the D911 Disaster Response Mobile Application by businesses across the United States. Businesses pay to be listed on the app, and once listed, app users can connect with these companies to hire them. It is a simple pricing format that is well below typical market pricing for an annual listing.

We are grateful for the support of our donors and partners, who make this vital technology work possible.

D911 Inc is also launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2023 get a preview of this campaign by clicking here. 



Financial Transparency

Our annual financial statements are available upon request.

If you have any questions about our finances, please don't hesitate to contact us at or complete the financial information request form below and we will contact you promptly.


D911 Inc. filed e-postcard 990 forms in 2020,2021,2022, 2023. For more information, please make a request below.

Thank you for your support and for helping us to further our mission.

Financial Information Request Form

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