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Photo from Altha Florida, 10/15/2018

D911 In The News

These stories date back to 2018. At that time D911 was not an official organization. It was a mission of our founder, Dan Francis, and these articles feature his work and the inspiration for D911.

Panhandle Pasta Project

A short documentary about our inspiration and mission.

Getting Ready for Hurricane Ian

This is a news story from 8/22 as Hurricane Ian battered the Fort Myers Florida area, D911 was getting ready to test run D911 Mobile App.

As covered by Hope Ford, 11Alive News.

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Click here to read the article and watch the video

D911 Logo v 3 black background  2023.jpg

Click Here to read the press release

The launch of D911 Mobile App in 2020

This is a press release that talks about the team and vision for the D911 Mobile App when it was first launched in October of 2020

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