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Major Disaster Events

D911 is an organization that was created out of the need to connect, communicate and coordinate the array of disaster response efforts that often self-initiate with the official response; leveraging both for maximum efficiency during a significant event.

The availability of the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App for major events is supported through sponsorships that are provided by corporations, small businesses, and individuals who list their services on the app.

All responding NPO, NGOs,s or government organizations that provide any type of service to a major disaster event have free access to the D911 Disaster Response Mobile App. They list their services, points of distribution, and hours of operation and can be contacted by app users in the affected area to get assistance. 



D911 created the app to be helpful. D911 is not a direct provider of services, rather, we develop and manage the app platform for all levels of response to use at will. In this way, D911 is unique and not in conflict with any other agency or group.

The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App can help in several ways during major disasters:

  1. Communication: The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App provides real-time updates, and alerts and helps people connect with emergency services and disaster response organizations.

  2. Resource Management: The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App helps coordinate resource distribution and volunteer efforts, ensuring that aid reaches those in need as quickly and effectively as possible.

  3. Emergency Services: The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App empowers users to quickly access vital information such as first aid instructions, evacuation routes, and emergency contacts.

  4. Crowdsourcing: The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App leverages the collective power of the community by allowing users to report information about the disaster and share critical resources such as shelter and supplies.

  5. Real-Time Tracking: The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App uses GPS technology to track and map the locations of people requesting assistance and responders that are in the area to assist. This provides critical information for EMAs and disaster response teams.

Overall, The D911 disaster response mobile app greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster response efforts, ultimately helping to save lives and reduce the impact of disasters.

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