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A Disaster Response
Technology Organization

Whether it is a one-time event at a home or business or a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe, D911 connects those in need to the businesses and responders that can help.

The app works like other delivery and service apps. Simple, Fast, and Easy!

D911 Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

About The Disaster Relief App

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The D911 Disaster Response Mobile App is a Service Directory dedicated to helping people get the professionals they need immediately.


The D911 Platform is deliberately simple and super easy to navigate. Businesses of all types are needed for everyday disasters and once-in-a-lifetime events too. List your business and get connected to the people that require your services

D911 Inc offers any business the opportunity to get connected to app users for a simple flat rate. No commissions or points to buy, you sign up and start connecting. These sponsorships support the D911 Major Disaster Response feature where non-profits, governments, and other organizations communicate and connect with survivors of large-scale disaster events.

Whether it is a one-time problem at a home or business or a once-in-a-lifetime event, the D911 Disaster Response Mobile app is the only app you need to connect with helpful businesses and people so you can start getting on with life again.

Our Services

The D911
Disaster Response Mobile App

An app that connects people in need to the people that can help them.

Everyday Disasters

Everyday disasters strike unexpectedly when fires, floods and wind damage homes and businesses. D911 connects professionals to the people who need them.

Major Disaster Events

When catastrophe strikes, D911 connects the survivors to the responders. Meeting basic needs and providng care.

Disaster Recovery

After a disaster, people require professionals to rebuild thier homes, businesses and lives. D911 has everything they need in on one simple platform.

Business Sponsors

Business Sponsors are added into the app so they can connect to the people that need them. Any business can sponsor a listing on the app.

Individual Sponsors

Ready to volunteer? Individuals and small citizen teams can add a listing on the app. Then, people in need know they are available to help and can contact them through the app.

Non-Profit Sponsors

NPOs that focus on disaster relief are a critical resource for disaster response. Listing NPO services on the D911 app is IS FREE. In the app, the people in the disaster area can find your POD or request your help.


“Connected me to water, cash and even some insulin, so grateful...."

Kelli Stripling

Cape Coral Florida

Hurricane Ian Response

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